About Us

Altabel team work

Altabel Group is a Lithuanian-based provider of IT consulting and software development services. We have a distributed pool of 90+ IT specialists located in and outside of the EU. Founded in 2007, we are agile and adaptable, easily adjusting to the changing needs of our clients.

We have delivered 280+ projects for clients from 20+ countries globally such as Switzerland, Norway, UK, the USA, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, and others.

We have solid expertise in 20+ industry domains:

  • E-health, MedTech
  • E-learning, Education
  • Retail, E-commerce
  • Fintech, Banking
  • Green Tech, Energy
  • IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Homes
  • Etc.

Our expertise covers:

  • Cloud and Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • IoT and Embedded Development
  • Big Data, ML, AI
  • AR, VR, MR
  • Testing and QA

Leverage our IT expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes for your business. We’ll tailor solutions to meet your unique needs and goals.

Let’s build tomorrow’s software together!

For more information, please visit our website www.altabel.com