Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends

As the year of 2019 has come to an end, we can’t fail to mention the progress and impact that’ve been achieved and innovations to come.

Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions are the major innovation drivers in almost every industry. They’re one of those technologies that are changing the way we live, socialize and work.

For the last few years, both AR and VR have been progressively adopted in industries such as healthcare, retail, entertainment and many others. While AR and VR are rapidly being leveraged by companies, it is predicted that both technologies will cause a disruption in the world economies and drive the new change into digital transformation in years to come. Hence, 2020 year is likely to be a fantastic year for AR/VR.

Let’s have a look at most promising AR and VR fields that will evolve 2020!

AR and VR are becoming more integrated with AI

The integration of artificial intelligence with AR and VR is discussed by many developers and leaders. The advanced AI technology enables computers to visualize things through a camera and understand them. Developers are integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into AR apps, with some outstanding results. With this integration, Google Lens uses a neural network to visually analyze anything you point your camera at, and gives you more information about that thing. This can help you identify plants, get more information on displays in a museum, or even identify and find items to purchase.  All of this works today, and we expect to see more of it next year. 

This year VR is going to put people inside virtual environments and those environments are likely to become even more intelligent. This is likely to include more voice control stemming from AI natural language processing, increasing immersion by reducing the reliance on icons and menus intruding into the virtual world. Gamers in VR will also face more challenging opponents as computer-controlled players will more effectively react and adapt to individual play styles.

AR as a brand new way of shopping

AR makes shopping easier. According to Gartner report, at least 100 million people drew on AR-enabled shopping technologies. It’s one of the hottest retail trends of this year.

Several companies stand out in front of consumer demand for AR shopping. IKEA customers have access to an app that permits them to point their phones at spaces and see what different products would look like in their own homes. Smart mirror technologies that scan RFID tags also offer the ability to bring recommendations to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. American Apparel, Uniqlo and Lacoste have deployed showrooms and fitting rooms that provide try-before-you-buy options in augmented reality spaces.
Virtual assistants will also significantly change the shopping experience.

VR/AR in Teaching, Training and Entertainment

AR and VR technologies are going to make significant advances in the education sector. It is also predicted that both technologies are the next big trend in education and the future of learning. Through virtual reality, students can practice surgery or construction in the same way things happen in the real world without any kind of risks involved. On the other hand, with augmented reality, it is possible to send information to students in real-time on perils, objectives, or best practices. There is no uncertainty that this will booster the demand for education apps development companies in the coming years.

Today with the evolution of headsets, the adoption of VR in homes is immensely widespread. As the result hardware development companies are focusing on and making efforts into creation of the perfect apps. Since the applications and users shift towards mobile, VR instilled headsets will be built in a bid to enhance the virtual experience, such as eyeball-tracking and increased field-of-view.

Though the future looks far away, it is not. Advancements in technology are rapid and it is evident that AR/VR industry will continue to grow.

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Lera Maslova

Lera Maslova

Business Development Manager