How to promote your Android application effectively?

My previous article was dedicated to promotion of the applications on the AppStore but in this one I would like to focus on the Android application promotion. So you are welcome to read my article and to find some useful tips in these regards.:)

It is known fact that nowadays Android becomes more and more popular and there are a lot of individual apps uploaded to the Google Play every day. Thank is why it is also crucially important to take all the possible variants to promote your application and make it worth to be downloaded. Below I’m sharing some of the working tips which you can utilize and create a buzz about your latest app developed by you.

  • First of all you before you submit your Android app to the market, you should not to forget that the application has to be fully complete and should have a good interface. It is not a good idea of submitting a partial app. Submitting a partial app will lower your users ratings and will blow your plan permanently. Also it is known that google’s play market algorithm will take your app higher if the users rate well in the initial stage. That’s one of the tricks to improve your download count.
  • App stores: Submitting your app to several app stores is an easy free way to make the application more visible. The first stop should be made on Google Play. You could submit it to GetJar and Amazon Android Market places as well. But I would like to note that Google Market + Amazon take a revenue share of money you make from either selling your app or from any in app purchases (IAP) that are made through their billing solutions which is the trade-off for exposure. Getjar only accepts free apps and allows you to implement your own billing solutions if you use IAP.

  • Get an eye-catching icon: Make sure that you have an attractive and eye-catching app icon that best represents and sells your application to the user. Poor icons blows you app to the bottom and will indicate an unfinished or poorly made app. Optimize and beautify your icons.

  • Launch the free “Lite” version of the application. The free apps gets the user base and then it will tend the user in buying add-ons or the full version if he likes it. Or you can simply launch a free app with ad and promote an add free with some advance feature in your premium version. You can also consider launching your app for free for first 2 weeks to increase the user base and later on you can upgrade the price.

  • Promoting through reviews: before someone would like to download your application you should take care of its promotion. So the best method to market your app from my experience is through content and reviews. You can have reviews in the form of small description about your app, ratings of the apps, review date. This will help people to know about your android app.

  • Video marketing: The video marketing is important tool for internet advertising. We can explain the features of our apps by creating videos. The videos can be placed on various websites to attract the audience. This can serve as great tool for promotion of android apps. So you can make a couple of YouTube videos showing how the app would look like and how people can use it. Also try to make the video using a better clarity and understanding which is also worth sharing.

-Use of Social media, Forums & Blog posting: We can use various social websites such as FaceBook, twitter, linked-In, You-tube for promotion of android apps. We can participate in the forums & blog posting for the marketing of the android apps. It will help to share the information about your apps. You may also sent emails to any bloggers for review of your app, make sure that you also send them your video link. This will help a blogger to understand your product better and will help them to write better app reviews.

These are some ways to promote an Android application that just came to my mind 🙂 Please, feel free to add any variants you’ve had a chance to try and they worked well for you and what is more important that they were effective.