Number One CMS Drupal… or why choose Drupal?

Recently Drupal has been winning various awards such as the PACKT Publishing Open Source CMS Awards, the Webware 100 winner and the Bossie Awards for the best open source application. To win all these awards is a great achievement and shows the high standard Drupal has set in the industry.

Being frequently chosen as the best CMS available and one of the fastest growing CMS no wonder it has gained so much popularity and trust among savvy organizations. Web fresher might ask why? There are multiple reasons. Most of them come down to its power and flexibility. But let’s be a little more specific and come up with a list of Drupal advantages.

Free to use, open source Drupal is open-source which means that the software license is free. You can freely install Drupal and you can modify the source code to fit your needs.

Rapid development cycle Many processes can be done in parallel rather than in sequence. This means that website production times are much faster. Drupal offers a number of tools for multiple languages, converting all aspects of the website to the preferred language.

Thousands of add-on features With more than 1,800 available modules, the vast majority of your site’s requirements can be addressed with Drupal core and available add-on modules. These modules can be easily modified to meet your business.

Advanced taxonomy Drupal taxonomy system (used for categorising content) is very sophicated, flexible and allows cross categorization and free tagging, which is rare in a CMS. Taxonomy can create the backbone for any Drupal site.

Robust security Security is a major concern for online businesses and Drupal lives up to its reputation in its powerful security features. Drupal offers a mature, stable set of security capabilities for authentication, authorization, and protection against security threats. Drupal is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world. Drupal is the CMS behind the websites for the US Whitehouse, Mcdonalds, Australia, FIFA World Cup 210 as well as Belgian’s Prime Minister.

Search Engine Friendliness. Drupal is search engine friendly straight “out of the box”. Clean URLs and clean standard compliant HTML markup in the core themes are installed. Drupal’s SEO setup is also feature rich and Drupal is considered a great solution for becoming findable on the search engines.

Advanced platform for social networking Drupal provides a foundation for a broad range of social networking tools such as blogs, profiles, wikis, articles, forums, social networking, and much more. It can create social networks, profiles, messaging, chat, forums and many more social functionality.

Thriving development community Drupal developer community is very active and growing rapidly over the world. Large-scale events are held regularly to bring beginners and experts together. This community drives the innovation that makes Drupal the preferred choice for web developers and site owners.

Comprehensive documentation Drupal’s official documentation covers all aspects of Drupal. Online resources are abundant and include tutorials, books and videos.

All in all Drupal is excellent. It is one of the best off-the-shelf CMS applications that has been around for years that so many wrinkles have been ironed out. All the usual business requirements have been factored out into a core set of features, and there is a huge library of optional extras to meet less common needs.

That’s the advantages I have been able to reveal. Do you know any that I have missed? Please feel free to add my list as well as to share your opinion!