Which one is better: Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Apple’s iPhone 4S

If you’re in the market for a new Smartphone, you’re probably comparing Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But which one is better? Bellow you may find some information that I hope will help you to choose the right one.

Place these handsets next to each other and it immediately becomes obvious that much more thought has gone into the design and execution of iPhone 4S. This phone continues to be one of the very best offerings in terms of appearance and construction. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s also made from premium materials like glass and steel – no plastic whatsoever.
Meanwhile, Galaxy Nexus is a typical Samsung phone, being made from plastic, and having this characteristic bump on the bottom of its back side. It is pretty light for its size, but this doesn’t make up for the fact that the handset doesn’t have a classy feel when held. Thankfully, it doesn’t feel cheap either. One of the most obvious differentiating factors in terms of design are the dimensions of Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S. Honestly, if you don’t like having to carry around a very large Smartphone, iPhone 4S will be the better option due to its significantly more compact body.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus is of course the livelier software experience thanks to such elements like Live Wallpapers and various 3D transitions and effects, whereas the experience on iPhone 4S’ iOS 5 is much more static and simplified in terms of visual presentation. Until now, Android has been struggling to offer a truly well-made user interface, but with ICS, we’re happy to report that the platform now looks very, very good. However, the differences in the way they operate have remained, with Android allowing the user to place various widgets, which deliver information right on the home screen, while with iOS users will still have to jump between apps in order to gain access to different kinds of info. Speaking of performance, both the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S are exceptionally fast.

If you’re used to typing messages with one hand only, you won’t find any difference between the two smartphones. However, due to the larger screen of the Nexus, its landscape QWERTY keyboard is slightly more comfortable for typing out long emails.

iPhone has been the undisputed kind of mobile browsing ever since its launch due to its incredibly well-performing Safari browser. Android’s browser, on the other hand, has never been as smooth or accurate in its operation, but with Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s closer than ever.

What matters most is the actual picture quality, and in this respect, iPhone 4S is definitely the better choice. Images from its 8MP camera enjoy more details and better exposure, whereas the 5MP snapper of Galaxy Nexus tends to overexpose certain things at times. Color reproduction however, is slightly more natural on the Nexus, since iPhone 4S’ photos are a bit on the warmer side. Anyways, it’s safe to say that both handsets take good pictures outdoors; however, the situation with indoor shots is very different. While both devices record 1080p video, the one from Apple’s handset is noticeably better.

As a whole, in-call quality on the receiving end is better with Galaxy Nexus, as it manages to emit some decently-sounding and loud enough tones from its earpiece. On the other hand, iPhone 4S is very loud, but not as clear.

While battery life in stand-by is claimed to be equal on both phones, talk-time should be longer with iPhone 4S. Of course, this will vastly depend on your usage patterns.

Thanks to Google making one giant leap forward with Ice Cream Sandwich, the software experience on Galaxy Nexus can easily rival the one on iPhone 4S. Both handsets are extremely capable and very fast, which makes issuing final verdict a very hard thing to do. If you expect to hear which phone is better overall, – there isn’t a better phone. However, one of these is certainly better for Jerry, and the other will surely be better for Katy. What I mean is that it all boils down to your personal preference 🙂