New Twitter design for Web, iOS, and Android launched

Twitter has begun to rollout a major redesign of its website, and has released updated versions of its iPhone and Android apps, as well as its TweetDeck client, which match the site’s new look.

Let’s have a look what changes are in the new Twitter app for iOS and Android:

  1. Keep tabs on important topics with Discover
    Perhaps the most obvious change, the new “Discover” tab is a revamped portal for hash tags and trending topics. Trending hash tags–which were initially created by users–and popular topics are now bundled together in a new tab that provides a snapshot of the hottest news on Twitter.
    It looks like news-related trending topics are listed at the top, under “Stories,” while the more random trends are listed below. The Discover portal is also where you can do a general search on Twitter.

  2. A little problem with saved searches…
    Even though Twitter wants you to discover more, it removed the function to save searches on the go. This option was useful for users who wanted to keep tabs on any given topic without having to search for it each time. Now, the only way to save searches is in the Web interface.

  3. Tug down to view more
    Check out this hidden, but seriously useful new feature. If you’re replying to a tweet and want to reference that tweet while you’re typing your reply, just drag down and the original tweet will appear at the top.

  4. Tweets & retweets
    One of the most frustrating things about the previous Twitter app was the inability to see how many retweets you got on any given tweet. Now it’s easier than ever to see when people are retweeting you. You can see who’s mentioning, following, and retweeting you in real time.

  5. Tweet forever
    I mean, the Compose Tweet button, which stays in the top right of the app, no matter where you are. Twitter wants you to tweet without hesitation. So, if you’re browsing a trending topic in the Discover section and want to express your opinion, the compose button is at your immediate disposal.

The website design is currently being rolled out to all users, so you may have to wait a while to see the changes. The redesigned iPhone and Android are available right now.