Isn’t Mobile Flash dead yet?

Jobs’ predictions about the fate of Mobile Flash have come true. Adobe has stopped the development of the Flash Player plug for mobile devices. Having buried a mobile player, Adobe actually acknowledged its in a long-term dispute with Steve Jobs, who had claimed that Flash technology for mobile devices was out of place.

HTML and Flash have been considered for many years as separate technology solutions, the mixture of the two being appropriate depending on the brand experience or audience. Now, HTML may finally be starting to step into Flash’s turf of audio and video in particular, presenting another option for “rich media” and interactive experiences. Will be there no place for Flash soon?

Still Flash is not going away.

Think most of you heard that Android 4,0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” will not support flash as current versions are incompatible. Still Adobe said that a compatible Flash release should be available by the end of the year. Indeed, Adobe confirms that its port of Flash for ICS will be the last: future versions of Android will not be compatible. There is one reality that Adobe must face with Android, and that’s fragmentation – as some users could still use versions of the OS that are Flash compatible. Adobe will still provide updates for those users, but only to address “critical” bugs and security issues. Adobe announced that it wouldn`t support mobile versions of Flash, a move that acknowledges the shift towards HTML5 among mobile developers.

The company remains committed to Adobe AIR, its application runtime used to create Internet – based applications. That platform uses a variety of technologies – including Flash – and Adobe still plans to support it for the foreseeable future. The company also intends to support Flash for desktop applications, but even there HTML5 has made inroads.

A survey released in September by JavaScript and HTML5 consulting firm claims that 84 percent of developers plan to employ HTML5 within the next six months. Another survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC found that 66 percent of mobile developers are “very interested” in developing for the platform.

So that maybe it’s time to say goodbye Flash? What do you think?

Thank you for your attention!

Elvira Golyak

Business Development Manager