Steve Jobs Will Always Be Remembered For…? For what for you?

It’s so sad to hear that Steve Jobs has passed away, everyone has been sending out links and status about him. It is such a pity that we have to use the past tense when we are going to talk again about this brilliant mind. And no matter whether we are his fans or not, we definitely feel sorry that the mankind has lost such a valuable person. However, he did left some impressive works that can easily guide our steps towards some truly incredible technological developments.

Some of the most important works that Steve Jobs will always be remembered for according to LI members are:

For Apple Computer and for Pixar;

Toy Story… My Macs, Iphones and Ipods…;

His disciplined focus on his goals and His imagination;

For i-Everything
– Improving communication speed
– Increasing personal accessibility
– Innovation
– Incredible insight;

For having the backbone to proceed when everyone thought he was nuts. For knowing better than anybody what not to do. What features to exclude, which buttons to eliminate, which explanations not to give;

Do not depend on the other people, building from bottom to the top and learning from the failure;

Everyone will remember Jobs for different reasons
– A kid – Nemo, Buzz Light year, Lightning McQueen etc.
– A teen – iPod
– A young guy – iPad and iPhone
– A developer – iTunes and app store
– A marketing managers – Marketing and branding
– A finance manager – for his financing decisions
– A guy who just failed – NeXT Step and Pixar
– A guy who is at top – Lisa
– An entrepreneur – Apple II
– A student – Stanford 2005
– Everyone – Apple…

Thank you, Steve Jobs. You Will Always Be Remembered!