It’s time to take mobile gaming seriously

The mobile gaming industry is booming; last year alone it made an estimated $800 million. People are buying games and applications on every available device including iOS devices, Smartphones, tablet PCs and more. It’s come to the point where the mobile gaming industry is actually pulling players and revenue from the traditional gaming market.

The mobile gaming community doesn’t just consist of a younger audience; it’s actually quite widespread across all ages. It’s obvious that social gaming directly correlates to the mobile gaming industry and isn’t just something a lot of kids and teenagers are into; everyone is!
Because mobile devices are so easily accessible and are always available, they make one of the best gaming devices period. This can most likely be attributed to why everyone is into mobile gaming.

Most developers are actually so successful because of the low cost pattern of designing mobile apps and games. Because it doesn’t cost much (when compared to traditional development) smaller independent companies are achieving what usually takes large teams of a dozen developers to accomplish. Mobile apps and games can be sold at a low cost to consumers because they are so inexpensive to develop thus ultimately increasing sales.

Developers also offer completely free games and apps through the use of in app advertising. Free or not, they still make money from the advertising strategically placed within their game or application. This marketing strategy also works because even though the application or game is free, consumers are forced to view advertisements in order to play. They deal with the advertisements because they love the game, and thus are subjected to potential marketing techniques which may or may not result in a purchase.

It won’t be long before mobile devices are sporting next gen technology in a pocket sized package. It most certainly wouldn’t be out of the question to predict that the mobile gaming industry will eventually kill the console gaming industry by offering cheaper options and more accessible technology in the future!

If you are not developing mobile applications and mobile games you are missing out on a substantial revenue gain; especially if you’re a game developer or work in the gaming industry.
It’s time to take mobile gaming seriously. As more and more mobile devices hit the consumer market mobile gaming use will increase not just across the country, but around the globe. Add in the fact that mobile device technology is advancing faster than any other computer based technology out there, and you’ve got a surefire winner on your hands.

What are your thoughts on the rise of the mobile gaming industry? Do you feel that the mobile game market is a great business venture? Do you or your business have experience in the mobile gaming market or related industries? Please join the discussion and let us know your thoughts.