Apple iCloud and iOS 5: Can they help iPhone 5 beat Android?

iPhone 5 may turn out to be Apple’s best bet yet against Android range of Smartphones, thanks to iCloud and iOS 5.

Apple may be the biggest technology company in the world but when it comes to Smartphones, Androids are outselling iPhones. The company has been facing a huge challenge from Android Smartphones lately. According to a comScore report, the market share of Google’s Android surged to 36.4 percent while Apple’s IPhone dropped down to second place with 26 percent market share or barely ahead of RIM’s BlackBerry (25.7 percent).

A Nielsen survey also reveals that Android users download more apps on average than iPhone users despite Apple’s App Store being more than twice bigger than Android Market Place.
However, Apple hasn’t given up the fight yet. And why should it? After all, the company’s iPhone had set the benchmark in the Smartphone industry for rivals to follow.
iPhone 5 is not expected to boast of hardware upgrades but iOS 5 and iCloud could be the magic tonic iPhone needs to catch-up with Android or even race ahead of its rival. But beating Android won’t be easy.

Android is all about choice and cutting-edge innovation. New hardware and software alike pour out at a breakneck pace, and the number of options can be almost staggering at times. Apple, on the other hand, is about simplicity and uniformity. Instead of getting every feature and choice under the sun, you get Steve Jobs’ carefully controlled vision for what a Smartphone should be.

iOS 5 is also going to face stiff competition from Google’s next version of Android OS (code named Ice Cream Sandwich), which will incorporate the best features in tablet specific OS Honeycomb and Smartphone OS Gingerbread. It will bring features like face-tracking, camera focus and voice recognition to the existing OS.

Does iCloud and iOS 5 have what it takes iPhone 5 to beat Android? Apple fans sure hopes so.
But with more Android-based devices hitting store shelves in the second half of 2011, the Google Smartphone OS will further widen its gap with iOS thanks to its more complete ecosystem.

In conclusion, if Apple is planning to beat Android, iOS 5 should include groundbreaking updates. iCloud alone cannot help iPhone beat Android, agree?