Cloud Computing: The Six Biggest Myths

Cloud Computing is catching with wide audience. Like any new trend, it is also experiencing certain myths surrounding it. These myths either mislead people or raise false hopes in them about cloud benefits. Here is a list of cloud computing myths that each one of us should be aware of.

1. It’s insecure.
People are afraid of losing control, but just because your data is somewhere else, doesn’t mean it’s less or more secure. Test, monitor and review. That’s the only way to mitigate risk in or out of the cloud.

2. It’s simple.
Vendors will always tell you it’s a turnkey implementation. But moving customized systems to the cloud takes time eight months or more to standardize and test in the new environment. And modify cloud systems with care. Configuration can quickly become customization and each upgrade will be a major headache.

3. CFOs love it.
Here’s the pitch: The cloud turns sunk capital expenditure (capex) into flexible operational expenditure (opex). But your company may not want that. The assumption is that there’s an economic preference for opex over capex. But not every business wants opex; some want capex. The years of friendly capex tax depreciation left on a data center may be most important.
The fact that it isn’t done much doesn’t mean that it can’t be done at all.

4. Only the business benefits.
Most CIOs funnel cloud savings to the business. But there’s no law against reinvesting in IT.

5. It can’t be used for core systems.
The fact that it isn’t done much doesn’t mean that it can’t be done at all.

6. It’s always cheaper.
You have to negotiate the right price based on your expected growth.