IE9 is now available. What do you think about it?

In past years, the release of a new Web browser was a big deal as various competitors fought for market share. However, in the past few years, the browser wars seem to have fallen into a kind of cold war, with market share among the players holding relatively steady.

On March 14, 2011, Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 9 touting the browser’s ability to deliver a more beautiful Web experience. Bellow you may find some LI members’ opinions about this release.

Nigel Ridpath says:
«I downloaded IE9 today and I have to say it appears to be a bit quicker generally. There still seems to be incompatibility around. I was checking our Google Adwords account (perhaps there’s a clue there!) and part of that site didn’t work. Funnily enough it was fine in Chrome.
I mainly upgraded to check the experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. That was definitely a bit quicker.»

Charles Caro thinks:
«I have downloaded and installed IE9. It definitely looks different, and it appears to run a little quicker. All considered it really doesn’t show me anything more than what had been available from several other browsers for some time. What I don’t like is that the space for tabs does not extend across the full width of my monitor, which would be very nice for anybody that has more than a couple websites open at the same time. Also, I am sure there is no way to go back to IE8 in case I decide I really don’t like IE9. In other words, I don’t think there is a way to take IE9 off my system, which is something I can do with any other browser in the event I am not satisfied with what I see.»

Richard Nuttall shares:
« IE9 is better than IE6,7,8 , but still a long way from Chrome in terms of quality and speed. Only use it if you have to. IE9 is likely to continue to lag the others in terms of security holes as well, another reason to avoid. IE9 is NOT the first to tap hardware speed boost either. All browsers take advantage of hardware boosts via the graphics layers which drop down to hardware as and when they can. The MS claims are, as usual just hype.»

David McClellan:
« I downloaded it today without any high expectations (after being a Firefox user for the last 3 years). It is fast, clean and seems to work fine. It is apparent that Microsoft has spent a lot of time building a robust browser. Although, I will still probably still stick with FF or Chrome.»

Patrick Hendry:
« Given the large Windows XP installed base, especially in corporate accounts, it’s a curious decision to drop XP support. If MS thinks IE9 will drive upgrades to Windows 7 they haven’t considered the easier and cheaper alternative, change the browser. I’m not a big fan of the combined URL/Search box but this seems to be the trend now.»

I’d like to add, that Internet Explorer 9 works well and has several fine new features, it also asks users to change the way they think about Web sites. The ultimate success of IE9 may very well hinge on Microsoft’s ability to convince users to accept this change in thinking as a more “beautiful” way to experience the World Wide Web.

What do you think of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9? Have you tried it? What, specifically, do you not like about IE9? What do you like?