People Say: What do you think about Nokia running Windows Phone 7?

Nokia has recently joined with Microsoft to product Windows Phone 7 instead of popular Google’s operating system Android. Nokia is all set to bring new Windows Phone 7 series phones in coming days. Bellow I have quoted some opinions of LI members who shared their ideas on the topic raised in the question.

«I think the interesting thing about this partnership is that the results will probably be binary. It will either be massively successful or a total failure. Nokia’s reputation for hardware and massive distribution channel could be the missing element to finally allow WP7 to cross the chasm. And Microsoft having native integration in to Nokia’s hardware could make them a viable iPhone killer. Or there could simply end up being no synergies whatsoever and Nokia will continue to lose market share, while WP7 will continue to be an also-ran mobile-OS. I don’t see much room in the middle for mediocre success. Particularly for Nokia who really has to go “all-in” to salvage whatever market position they still have».
Jason Dea

«Painful for Nokia. I think this decimates in house developers, software teams etc. The truth is MS paid billions to get into Nokia. Seems fishy, given the CEO of Nokia is a former MS mobile software guy. Feels like he’s got allegiances to too many at once. If I were a Nokia shareholder, I would demand a second look at Android OS for Mobile solutions.»
Greg Poulos

«I think it could be a great combination. Hopefully it will allow Nokia to concentrate on stellar hardware, something I always liked them for. I use a Blackberry these days, but used to always choose Nokia. It eventually got to a stage where Nokias best phones were it’s cheaper, less feature rich offerings. They were just more “classic Nokia” than their top end smart phones.»
Daniel Harris

«To make the most of the alliance there is a huge amount of work ahead for both parties. Nokia has been doing Smartphones for years – there are many phones out there. Perhaps not for every phone, but imagine if Microsoft adapted its phone software so it could be installed remotely on existing Nokia phones worldwide AS A FREE UPGRADE. Market share for Microsoft would increase measurably every month. Nokia owners would enjoy the new life breathed into their phones. I, for one, would be using my Blackberry less and I’d delay investing in a new phone/tablet until next year. Over the years I’ve had a series of trusty Nokias – they always feel good and have never let me down. If I see Nokia moving in the right direction I’d be happy to stay with them.»
Fred Clausen

«Competition is a great thing in any shape or form. Nokia had been so far behind in terms of software that this alliance is very likely to rejuvenate the company and put some pressure on Android and iOS camps. It’s all for the better :).»
Pavel Gorenitsyn

«I think it could provide very useful for both Microsoft and Nokia with an excellent platform… Windows Mobile 7 is a great OS and Nokia make great hardware… so if they end up with a new ‘N95 device, it will help both parties.»
Neil Hobbs

Would you buy such a Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset? Do you even like the idea of a Nokia Smartphone that runs software not made by Nokia? Your opinions are welcome!