The Future of Java: forking, death, or stasis?

Nowadays it’s quite popular to complain of the state of Java. What is the right approach for the future of Java? At this point Java is still alive waiting to adapt to its new features – the new edition of Java will be in 2011 followed by “another in 2012.” There are said to be four prospects for Java: “the status quo, forking Java, creation of an independent consortium, and total abandonment.”

In order to conquer the Java place in the market, another technology shall provide a similar, but better coverage. There is no indication for such a technology right now.
The real problem is if the Java extension on the future: if will use future opportunities or will just be complemented with other distinct technologies.

On the other hand it seems like Java is slowly killing itself. Innovation is non-existing, platform independence is slowly disappearing and Oracles behavior is scaring others than just the accused. The question is if Java has fulfilled its role and duty? Perhaps it time for new species to evolve as Darwin would have said.

In the world of software, everything is eventually replaced by the next big idea… It’s just a matter of time… Is it time to consider replacing Java?