You and your smartphone: funny caricatures. Take a coffee-break and enjoy :)

Nowadays we have so many means of expressing yourself “visually”. Things that we possess (vestments, gadgets, apartments, etc) can “create” our image – who and what you are – in other people’s minds. As smartphones do, for example.

Below you may find the link for some funny caricatures of typical smartphones users:

This creation is the work of C-Section Comics, and it offers a giddily sobering view of the emotions/impressions surrounding each phone.

Well, of the three main smartphone types only the typical iPhone user is well feminine. Typical iPhone users apparently not only see themselves as girls, but are seen by those beholden to other smartphones as girls too.

Apparently, BlackBerry users imagine iPhone users to be very small girls indeed. On the other hand, iPhone users see BlackBerry users as an aging entity not entirely dissimilar to a cross between Cary Grant and John McCain.

The typical Android user apparently thinks he’s Einstein. However, while an iPhone user considers an Android user to be a mere goofy little nerd with all the muscles of mussels, the BlackBerry user isn’t quite so complimentary. BlackBerry users think of Android users as pizza delivery boys.

Enjoy 🙂