People say: Don’t you think the Windows Phone 7 may be the iPhone Killer?

Maybe it’s too early to judge, but I’m curious if Microsoft will be able to do it? 😉

I should admit that the majority of the LI members were skeptical about this point. You can find their opinions bellow.

«Incredibly unlikely.
All indications are that few are interested in developing third party apps, with the consequence that there isn’t a vital and growing “WinApp Portal” akin to the Apple “App Store” or to Android Market.
And both Apple and Android are actively heading down the tablet apps paths, when Microsoft is still on the “interest in our telephony platform is waning” path.
It would take something rather enormous coming rapidly from a company (MSFT) that isn’t terribly rapid anymore to change that trend. Witness how Longhorn, started in 2001, targeted for 2003 release, was gutted of intended features, and was released, as the generally-considered-failed Vista product in 2007, four years late, and a whole lot unpopular.»
Chris Browne
Database Architect at Afilias

«I’d say that it’s late to the party. Late as in showing up at 1:30am with a case of generic beer, and getting annoyed when no one else wants to play Twister.
They’re behind the 8 ball on their competitors, the offering isn’t that unique, and they want you play their game and ignore what’s already been happening.»
Fred Brumwell
Community leader

«Windows 7? No. Not a chance. As even Microsoft’s own Ballmer has said, “Developers, developers, developers”
There are so few apps, and iPhone has over 300,000 now. The iPhone owns so much mindshare and market share, that it is too late to try and break without overwhelming appealing reasons. And Windows just offer nothing. Nothing compelling.
Windows 7 mobile is a tired port of a very clunky OS. It does little new and is a bad implementation for mobile. The touch interface is not effective. And each hardware manufacturer offers enough different hardware to make the Mobile OS difficult to customize and work correctly on the device.
Even Android found this past quarter was flat compared to iPhone. And Android is the only other mobile implementation with a chance of competing for development and market share.
Right now, Android and iPhone are where developers want to create apps. And where consumers and businesses want to purchase.»
Greg Poulos
President Bluefin Productions Inc.

«Not at all. Even without taking into consideration the quality of devices themselves, Microsoft simply has bad fame into this segment, especially if compared to Apple.
Microsoft could deliver some Apple-something killer within 10 years, under these conditions:
– They do great with every new product
– They don’t come out with another shameful product anymore
– Apple sleeps in the meanwhile.»
Valerio Muzi
Freelance IT consultant and software architect

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