Which tablet is best – Apple iPad or Galaxy Tab?

When we talk about touch screen-only Tablets, the first device coming about is the iPad. It is an awesome device in many ways. When iPad was launched earlier this year, it was pushed as a device to innovate the way we use our computers.

The popularity and success of iPad naturally spawned many different manufacturers to bring similar devices to market.

Samsung has recently officially presented the Galaxy Tab, its eagerly awaited 7-inch Android tablet. But how does it match up to the Apple iPad, which has set the standard for slate computing? Maybe there are several areas where the Galaxy Tab is superior.

While the iPad is still the most desirable tablet computer available, the Galaxy Tab will provide some stiff competition. Samsung’s device can’t match the iPad for screen loveliness or battery life. But it steps up the technology battle by including a built-in camera and expandable memory.

With Android rapidly improving and Samsung currently producing some of the best mobile hardware on the planet, the prospects for the Galaxy Tab look bright.

What are your thoughts on this topic?