Apple iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO 4G

Apple iPhone 4 and HTC EVO 4G are two most exciting smartphones today. And in many ways they are very similar: both have big full-phone-size touch screens, smart operating software, lots of free or cheap applications, high resolution photography and video recording, video call capabilities, etc. I suppose for a consumer who is not technically sophisticated it will be an absolute guess whether iPhone 4 or EVO 4G will work better. So I decided to try and look at both of them.


It has been around a bit longer than iPhone and it’s the first ever mobile phone to support 4G network. It means your Internet connection will be faster when Wi-Fi is out of access – exactly what iPhone 4 owners will be jealous of considering video calling (iPhone 4 can only do FaceTime on Wi-Fi). In hardware respect EVO 4G is brimmed up with latest technology. One of the few things one might not be completely satisfied with is the display. Personally, I also don’t like EVO 4G’s back shape. iPhone 4 is flat whole round witch most people like better – it feels nicer in a pocket and in hand as well. Still, half of the reason to buy EVO 4G is Android. You’ll expect this kind of smartphone to offer some of the best Internet experience in the market. It does. Android claims to have the fastest mobile browser. Plus Android has true multitasking but will run its battery flat faster. All things considered including the audience that has actually bought HTC EVO 4G I’d recommend it to someone who captures and enjoys the sweet spot of the latest technology and extremely capable operating system.


It’s the most charismatic smartphone if you accept this kind of description for a device. It certainly has the X factor that makes you take it out of your pocket just to let the others see it. EVO 4G will never be able to pull that off anytime anywhere. In front of tech enthusiasts – yes, absolutely, but that’s almost about it. Another feature peculiar to the all of the iPhones so far is that somehow they remain modern and up-to-date through all their lifetime and right up to the moment when the next-gen model is presented. I mean this time last year we could hardly wait for HTC Hero to come out. But after it did, it didn’t stay long in our hearts. iPhone 3G S on the other hand kept its positions till June. Even now I can tell the same will happen to the iPhone 4 – everything coming out next year or so will be put up against it. iOS 4 and hardware that runs it are not any less capable than the EVO’s and Apple app store does offer more apps, but unfortunately iPhone 4 also has a problem or two. Safari doesn’t support Flash and the operating system itself doesn’t have full-flesh multitasking but runs a number of services instead. However, running services in the background rather than processes improves greatly on battery life while keeping usability basically on the same level. That’s a small price to pay for some features you get with the iPhone 4 that others can’t match. One of them is, of course, Retina display. Enlarging pixel density is really a path to follow for all upcoming devices because physically they cannot get much bigger while display resolution has to grow. All in all if you for some reason didn’t like HTC EVO 4G you will almost certainly like iPhone 4, but it won’t necessarily work vice versa.

Impressive as both phones are, Apple’s iPhone 4 appears to be a better deal coming out of the gate than HTC’s innovative EVO 4G. Why? The iPhone 4 is substantially smaller, has a higher resolution screen, and offers more storage for the money. So the iPhone 4 truly does hold the upper hand.