How many apps is too many apps?

What I mean is both in respect to what a user can manage effectively and of course to what the system can manage …

Some of us download apps like sugar-mad children let loose in a sweet store. But who can actually tell when do you cross the line from being an explorative app user to becoming addicted to these little software packages? And what do your apps say about you?

15 apps – why did you buy this phone in the first place? This is like having a Rolls Royce and only driving to the corner shop in it. I guess it is the right time to pick up some new ones.

16 to 30 apps – you’ve made an effort, you know what the app store is, but you might be missing out on some application treasures.

31 to 60 apps – this is probably a good happy medium. You probably can find the app you want when you need it.

61 to 100 apps – be careful! You are at the threshhold of app-mania. But if you’re a power-user, love your iPhone to pieces, maybe you do know what’s on page 6 😉

100 to 180apps – you ought to stop while you still can. Do you even use those tetris spin-off games on page 8? It’s not good for your bank balance, your concentration, your self-esteem or your iPhone battery.

One question is still in the air and that is – what is your smartphone is thinking about it? I am wondering how many you can load your device down with before it bogs the system down? Should people kill the applications they don’t use much? Or if they aren’t hurting anything then there’s no harm to keeping them onboard “just in case.”

What is an optimal amout for the smartphone system to be able to multitask and manage all these apps ?