Back to iPad: “Hey, girl, you read too many tech blogs :) ”

Lots of articles are dedicated to iPad. As a rule they contain pretty much criticism. I read tons of this smart stuff by tech folks and should admit got quite inspired by that and all. So, while the conversation on the topic with one guy who had his own IT company I started sort of reproaching Apple for such a clumsy device. I expected kind of agree-feedback from the guy, but to my amazement the thing he said was actually: “Hey, girl, you read too many tech blogs :)”

Hmm. Numbers speak for themselves. [Apple sold 3.3 million iPads in Q2, the product’s first quarter on the market. That was more than the number of MacBook laptops (2.5 million) that the company sold in Q2. Plus, the two products combined catapulted Apple from No. 7 in the global notebook market to No. 3.] So, looks like today’s world has definitely decided that it needs iPad as is.
Moreover, [all of the other top five notebook vendors saw their growth slow during the same period, suggesting that the iPad cut into their sales]. The time will show what it has been: [a short-term bump based on the hype and anticipation for the product], or [even further amplified phenomenon during the back-to-school and holiday seasons]?

iPad has been long claimed to provide one-sided experience, namely being poor for content editing and creating. That is the reason for many technicians’ criticism. But are these guys average users? The 90-9-1 principle still applies across most of the Web: only 1% of users are actual content creators, while 9% are commenters and modifiers, and the remaining 90% are simply readers or consumers. So, a huge market share is left to be picked by iPad.

What else makes iPad more attractive in consumers’ eyes are features like long battery life, massive centralized platform for third-party apps and their updates, simple interface and friendly size. These are what laptop manufacturers can learn from iPad to make their products more competitive in the market.

And what do YOU think right now? Will iPad audience grow really big? Are iPad applications already among your products ? Has development for iPad already become a must-have for your company?
Welcome to share your points of view here. All are highly appreciated.