People say: iPad or iPhone: if you could only have one, which would it be?

The iPad has been slammed by some people as a little more than ‘a gigantic iPod Touch,’ or ‘oversized iPhone.’

There’re thousands of articles about the limitations of the one and merits of the other. LI members also have something to say 🙂 . I’d like to quote some of them.

“The question cannot simply be: “iPad or iPhone?”. It must also be: “Why iPad?” and “Why iPhone?”
Although there is an overlap in functionality, these are two different products, aimed at two separate markets. People who want a mobile phone with added, secondary Internet access functionality may be interested in the iPhone. The iPhone is a “smartphone”, a mobile phone first of all, with the added functionality of Internet access.
In terms of market, the iPhone should be compared to the BlackBerry products and the smartphones running on Google’s Android platform, not the iPad. Although there is Internet access over the mobile phone network, you would not want to rely on the small display size for long periods of browsing. People who want a mobile but still full display Internet access device may be interested in the iPad. The iPad is a true “netbook”, a laptop-sized computer designed especially for Internet surfing and browsing (hence the elimination of the hard keyboard); the PC-based Netbooks, despite their smaller footprint, are still laptop computers with broad functionality. Voice communications are secondary function, not a primary function as it is with the iPhone.”
Yuri Tan, P.Eng
Software Development, Process and Quality Manager

“Out of my own experience I’d go for the iPhone, just because:
1. It’s compact and fits your pocket/suit/bag
2. You can really bring it everywhere, especially if you’re limited on space (tiny briefcase, suitcase etc which is good on business trips)
3. Totally mobile (3G + Wi-Fi)”
Massimiliano Mortillaro
Systems Administrator at HSBC Czech Republic

“While an iPad may be the way of the future, I prefer my iPhone. The reasons been currently more consumers have a mobile phone of some description and under utilize them. I believe this will also be true of an iPad as with most computing products that keeping up with the Joneses mentality means that consumers are unaware of many of the uses and how to make the technology work for them.”
Daniel Kirby
Guest Speaker, Writer, Consultant at Wats Normal 99

“iPad. Its aerodynamic profile should allow it to fly further than the iPhone and it might actually have a battery which deserves the moniker battery.”
Sudip Masoji
Business Development Manager at DLoG UK Ltd.

“Both are for different purposes. One can’t substitute other. If you need “Phone Calling” functionality u have to go with Iphone. No other option here. But, if you don’t need phone rather want a mobile computing/e-book reading device Ipad is best.”
Balaje Sankar
.net Tech Architect at TCS

“That depends on what your need is. In my case, I already have a phone (not an iPhone) so I would go for the iPad since I could do more with the larger screen in terms of productivity (document creation with Pages, Numbers and Keynote) and data consumption (readings, videos, etc).”
Thomas Dany Kräker
Junior Software Developer at Anomalist Design, LLC

“Neither, because neither device is open. They all limit software to that which is available in the iTunes walled garden.
Because of that, I’m delaying a purchase until an Android-based device is released. Something about the size of a Newton 2100 MP would be ideal. The iPad is too big, the iPhone is too small.”
David Greenberg

“I use both. The iPad’s usability as a replacement for a home laptop is very good and is increasing with the better development of apps. Excellent productivity apps for work as well make it a good although not essential business tool. iPhone uses are more understandable and its totally mobile – e.g. small enough. So iPad or iPhone?- remove the issue that one is a mobile phone, then I believe there is a market for both due to the iPad’s larger screen making it more productive.”
Scott McLean
Owner & Director of Stirling Electrical Services Ltd.

“You CAN make calls with your iPad via Skype and a Bluetooth headset, so you just need Wi-Fi – or spring for the 3G connection. You can also text etc from the iPad. I have a separate phone, non-iPhone, and an iPad. I was in the market for a new laptop anyway, so went for the iPad and (except for the lack of Flash) I love it. I couldn’t imagine watching a full-length feature film or streaming Netflix onto a tiny little iPhone screen.
It’s also extremely easy to type long emails and extensive LI responses. It’s instant ON and instant OFF – no booting. Fits neatly inside my motorcycle jacket, does everything a laptop does at 1.5 pounds and I have never been able to run the battery all the way down.”
Jon Baldwin
Owner, Circulation Service America, Inc. (and others) Brochure, Newspaper, and Magazine Distribution.

I expect you have made your choice. And what have you decided on?