Good and Bad Things about iPad

We’ve all had plenty of time to digest the iPad and all its magical wonders 😉 I would like to share a few things I’ve discovered about the iPad and I hope you also have something to add in your comments to this discussion.

So, let’s start with iPad’s good features:

  1. Look and Design of iPad: I like the way it looks.
  2. The iPad is a great as an e-reader. It’s easy to find books on any of various stores available to you – Kindle, Nook, and iBooks – and the screen is clear, bright, and eminently readable. It’s comfortable to take it on the train or plane – just get a case and hold it in one hand.

  3. It is great for games. The iPad games made specifically for the iPad are great!

  4. It is a good alternative to netbook .

  5. It is excellent for watching movies.

  6. It is a real catch for photographers. A vivid LED-backlit IPS display makes viewing photos on iPad extraordinary.

  7. It is good fun for kids – but be careful 😉

  8. It is a primary gadget when travelling. If you’re going to a meeting in another city or country and you don’t need to run much of anything except email, a little note-taking, and some movie watching, take the iPad. You can do all of this – and more.

  9. The Green Element: iPad is far more environmentally friendly.

Now for some bad news:

  1. Keyboard and Writing: Because of its sheer size one cannot use the type pad in the same way as on iPhone. With iPad you would need to have a sort of back support to be able to type at an acceptable speed. Either you put it on your lap or use the dock to hook it up with the keyboard accessory. So the plain fact is that it’s not the best device for writing long documents.
  2. No Multitasking.

  3. Camera – less iPad: Coming back to the things iPad does not have. Camera tops the list. I cannot think of any reason why Apple didn’t add a front and a back camera to the tablet. This device is primarily for personal entertainment and multimedia use.

That’s all about Apple’s iPad.

Do you have anything to add?