Tell me what smartphone you carry and I will tell you who you are :) New phenomenon?

Smartphones have become like clothes or cars: people now select these gadgets as part of their self-expression in order to portray to the world the self-image they want.

Like: [A BlackBerry says that you’re likely a corporate professional. An iPhone says that you’re more of an intellectual. An Android phone says that you’re probably a bit of a technophile. A Nokia device says that you’ve got European sensibilities. A Windows Mobile or Palm phone can mean that you’ve been in tech for a long time and you’re loyal to the more traditional brands.]

Nowadays it’s easy to parallel smartphones with cars. Both categories have a personal connection with their owners, also it’s an interesting comparison as far as both markets have a lot of diversity in terms of brands, style, and functionality.

To state a couple of examples there is TOP5 below:

If these smartphones were cars…then

  1. Apple iPhone 4 = Jaguar
  2. Apple iPhone 3G/3GS = BMW

  3. Google Nexus One = Lexus

  4. Motorola Droid X = Cadillac Escalade

  5. Motorola Droid = Ford Fusion Hybrid

The rest of the list with cute photos you may see at;leftCol.

I just enjoyed looking through the gallery and the notes. Hope you will have fun too 🙂

You know I have posted this as a question to LI folks and have already got some comments – Those guys are mostly Europeans. But also I’ve received an interesting comment from one originally  American guy  – here is a citation:

[also… the comparison to cars… in many markets, the difference is that many times the choice of phones available is determined by the mobile operator and the cost of the phone is subsidized by them, based on the subscribers plan. so, in many cases, the subscriber is choosing the type of plan they want, based upon the type of activities they perform (email, web, apps, etc.). so, this would be like buying your car at a petrol station, and choosing which car to buy based on the type of fuel you’d like to use and the amount of fuel you expect to consume per year… and having the petrol company pay for half your car]

So, this point is true but mostly for American smartphone users.

And what’s your point of view? Welcome to share it here.