Cloud computing – a major transformation of the IT industry?

I’ve recently asked a question on LI about top 5 IT Industry Trends. Cloud computing was mentioned practically in each response. So this points to the fact that cloud computing is all the rage.

But why is cloud computing a major transformation of the IT/software industry and not just another overhyped trend?

Firstly, cloud computing solutions are delivering measurable business benefits, and generating customer deep satisfaction and referral rates.

Secondly, corporate executives and end-users need and want to have a better way to acquire and utilize technology and business applications to meet their rapidly changing business and workplace needs.

Thirdly, a new generation of workers who have grown up online – are entering the market and will demand web-based services to do their jobs.

Finally, because today’s tough economic climate demands that organizations of all sizes fundamentally change the way they do business, and few will resist the temptation to revamp the way they procure and use technology and applications so they can get a better ROI at a lower TCO.

“Usage of cloud computing is not something fancy anymore but day-to-day reality of many small and medium businesses as well as ordinary users of PCs/devices connected to Internet. That basically means for software vendors that either you are starting doing something in the area or you are going to be out of business pretty soon.”- says Ruslan Papou, director of Altabel Group Company.

Much like the open source world, the cloud computing environment enables users to take advantage of a wide assortment of piece-parts from a variety of sources to create their own solutions for various project and production purposes. They both rely on incredibility of economical development resources and generous community-minded contributors willing to share and swap ideas and outputs.

Have any thoughts? You’re welcome with your comments!