Your ideas about IT TRENDS

Let’s share ideas on hottest IT topics and questions:

  • Release of .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010. Is that so revolutionary as you have expected?
  • Do you see any languages alternative to “Big THREE” in the future? Do Ruby, Scala, Groovy or Python have a chance to become more than niche players?
  • Which technologies have bigger potential for Web and RIA development? Flash, Silverlight or HTML 5. Do you think Flash will die out soon?
  • Cloud computing – does it really make sense despite all the security, privacy, network latency risks?
  • What tendencies do you see in mobile applications market? Some experts are highlighting geo-location ‘check-ins’, sensor applications, mobile social networking and ‘augmented reality’ apps. Do you agree? State your point if it differs.

You are welcome to discussion. Add your 50 cents below 🙂