How to get the most using a remote software development dedicated team?

Over the past several years, offshore outsourcing has really seen an upsurge. Leading companies have felt that appointing an offshore service provider who has an experienced team of developers, was an excellent way to get their projects completed without commitment to the salary, benefits, and obligations that go along with hiring an in-house employee.

Altabel Group is an EU software development and consulting company specializing in creating dedicated teams for customers. For a few years already our company has been practicing this model by creating core teams with customer requirements and project specifics in mind and ensuring that each team becomes a virtual extension of a customer in-house software team. As we see this model seems to be working nicely both for large businesses and start-up companies.

The Altabel Group model is offering the following opportunities:

  • Increase of the company by virtually extending it but with almost zero hiring effort without incurring the costs of a full-time employee;
  • Meeting the budget constrains by providing lower prices for development;
  • Fexibility to obtain full or part-time resource solutions on demand and to have access to highly specific software technologies expertise on demand.

Currently this is one of our most heavily requested services to provide a full team to cover ongoing development, bug fixing and support. This service gives maximum flexibility to our clients and allows them to optimize the teams’ activities to suit their current business requirements. By being free to expand or reduce the team by necessity a client defines the project workload and thus pays for effective hours only and avoids idle hours. The customer defines the team composition, its structure and technical experience needed specifically for a concrete project. It should be mentioned that the team could start from 1-2 developers and try a pilot project first so that a customer could make sure of our services quality and developers performance and experience.

At the moment our company is offering its services at discounted rates, therefore it could be just the right time for considering our proposal and starting with a test project to evaluate quality we provide.

Hope the above makes sense to you. If our company approach and software development services seem interesting to you, you are free to contact us or leave your comments here.