Four ways to promote your iPhone apps and games

The app store has tens of thousands of apps, with many hundreds more added each day. When you release a new app, its visibility on the app store will be brief. It might sit in the new releases section of its category for a day or two (if you’re lucky). Or it might start off on page 3 to begin with, if dozens of other apps were released on the same day.

Here are four straight things you should consider doing to promote your iPhone game or application.

  1. Aim to make to the “What’s hot,” “Staff Favorites,” or the “New and Noteworthy” page in the App Store. The first criteria here are your game/app need to be exciting, handy, fun, etc. Talking to Apple to place you there ain’t the right way. Make something that’s polished, unique and noteworthy. These things would provide the ticket to the golden seat in the App Store.
  2. Spreading words well before the release of the app/game helps a lot in making people aware of what is coming. Most of the mails are review requests, there are few others who write just to say they have submitted a game or app and are waiting for approval. A simple ‘hi’ kinda lines with the name of the game and short description.

All the irritation of getting seemingly unnecessary notifications become bearable on finding that the app is indeed good and handy or the game is innovative and engaging.

Making effective use of social networking sites to let others hear about your upcoming game should be done at the right time.

  1. Contacting bloggers requesting for review and Advertising on prominent sites are other requisites to make your iPhone applications noticed. Here you’d be confused about the blogs and sites to contact and advertise. Contact all the blogs and sites that you know, however, when it comes to advertising, you need to be a little careful in making your choice.
  2. Naming of applications cutting of app price to remain on top: Naming of games and application is a trick in itself. There are many games and apps that are named intentionally to make them sound like some famous games and applications already in the App Store. The trick here is when users search for the famous titles, your game also get listed in the search results. Hundreds if not thousand downloads would come from there. Give a name that is easy to find as far as possible.

Your opinions are welcome!